Thursday, September 10, 2009


Man OH Man, last one of the summer... shall I go ham steak pork shit? ehhhhh...not gon lie, I've been hypin this last joint up to the twitterverse for a minute, so I can't let myself down & make it wack right?

I figured I'd put this out the day school has officially started for everybody.....mostly, lol.

This Burn Rubber hat I'm wearing in the pic above is my favorite right now....furreal

Hope you all had an enjoyable Labor Day. Shout-out to Britt G. and Ashley for the hospitality...and the bomb ass food!

I had my bags packed to go back to school...the feelings of goin back to school have always been kinda bittersweet. Don't get me wrong, I love goin back up to MSU, but I can never get over the feeling of basically packing your life into 1 vehicle and being on your way. Couldn't wait to go back up to school though. Wanting to see some, while not wanting to see others...but that's for another time.

I can't stand looking at sneaker forums now...they're like shit-talking wave pools...and most cats on forums are corny, and will probably never say the shit they say on there to your face...unless they wanna get knocked the fuck out, lol.

Now I'm in my new my new apartment...still getting used to the whole apartment/fixing your own food/having own room/ type shit... so far I love roommates are a tad messy at times, but it's all good.

Can't wait to be in the thick of the whole college football atmosphere...was watchin it last weekend... so dope.

“I stay away from niggas that could land me in some trouble/and I’ma keep it honest, I’m so tired of being subtle/it’s just Rick, Ro, MOS, and I standing in a huddle” ....that's real shit!!!

Got a call from Rick the other day in the middle of some clownin goin down in Burn Rubber... it was hilarious, but it made me miss my fam even more.

Guys, stop drinkin's like the 2009 version on ZIMA....Carry On.

For about half the time I was writing this, I have Anjulie's "Boom" on repeat...the lyrics to this song are too real. sidebar: I think I'm in love with Anjulie...she's so cold to me...she's kinda in that category of spicy ladies that I refer to as the ones that "can do no wrong"

Once again, shout-out to most of y'all that commented on the last 5:03's... love y'all. To make an addendum to one of my thoughts in the last 5:03, D. Knott (Detroit Fresh) stated that "for some reason chicks who are/think they are smart feel like they can't be hoes (even though they have had sex with every one you know). and then will be the first to call another girl a hoe. hypocrisy is disease and honesty/self awareness is the cure." Sheeeeeit, you ain't neva lied...if that ain't real shit, I dunno what is.

In the last 5:03, some bitchwackassniga commented saying "Throwin out subliminal disses about another blogger for no apparent're a bitchwackassniga...cliff has turned into the Joe Budden of bloggin'...y pop off about someone if you not gone at least give us a link so we can see who u goin in on...wack"... <----- *crickets* LOL, pardon me I had to laugh at that. First, whoever made that comment brutally failed when they tried to use a word that my pop's made against me. LOL, hilarious...I do suggest you read a couple 5:03's back, as well as not be so myopic with your comments, smh... Anyways, I "been had" explained myself. Like OhShitRoSpit said: "I ain't gon say ya name, cuz if I say ya name, you might enjoy your piece of fame" ...and I don't want these cornballs to enjoy shit.

What ever happened to Larisa Oleynik?

I wish I had the DVD box set to Nickelodeon's Doug right now...I'd be watchin that shit right now...and not Disney's version...that shit was kinda weak...straight Nickelodeon for me.

MSU has some of the baddest ladies right now..... no bias of course


There's been a revealing of many bitchwackassnigas this summer. I saw the inner bitch come out of so many supposed grown folks it's 'tarded... Ex: I heard many people throughout the summer say shit from "Maaaaan, I dunno about Cliff man...he's been actin weird lately" to "Yo, I don't think Cliff really messes with me anymore" ...this whole summer was an opportunity to prove myself... I had to buckle down and focus to make sure everything was right... plus, some were actin like I'm not reachable and shit, and like some of these clowns don't know where I'm at...Smh, lames.

This summer, I saw so many beautiful ladies state on twitter and every other media outlet one could find how much they need/want a man...I smh at times, b/c honestly, a lot of them contradict themselves when it comes to what they want...whatever... although they have given a blueprint on how some of you guys could possibly get on, lol... if you read people between the lines that is.

Burn Rubber is a blessing that I will never take for granted...Rick and Ro taught me so much this summer...can't wait for what's to come in the future.

I realized this summer that no matter how many times you may tell someone how you feel about them (on some "more than friends" type shit), if those feelings aren't reciprocated, you have to move the fuck on, or you're setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

Saw many cats bite the hand that fed them this summer...people out here burnin bridges before walkin on them...HURTIN

Definitely made my circle smaller this summer... somebody cue Ro Spit's "Monkey Wit Niggas" for me...please and thank you.

The only opportunities you should regret are the opportunities that you don't take advantage of.

Without a doubt, I know for a fact that I have some type of an impact on people....I want that to grow though.

You can't get caught up in petty shit, like little snide remarks people say about you, who you represent etc., as well as people who try to bite your style (saw so much of that this summer it's crazy) I found myself doin it at times. At the end of the day, I saw that lil shit I was gettin involved in was slowin me down...I realized that my numbers are too high and I'm operating on an echelon that's too high to be petty anyways...

SKOOL BOI CHRONICLES SEPTEMBER 18th...don't say I didn't warn you

I lost interest in those that I deemed "interesting" and gained interest in those who were off of my proverbial radar at that moment... I saw people do the same with me...can't be mad at that, even though some of y'all will be mad at me when you realize I'm talkin bout is what it is.

Anyways, I'm back people... I know a lot of people thought I was slippin this summer... keep it posted right here with me...this year is gonna be crazy.

Big shout-out to everybody that's been rockin with me this whole y'all the most.

The motivation for me is them tellin me what I could not be....Oh well



  1. 5:03 didn't disappoint at all. again, don't know at all what's poppin in your crowd but some truths are just universal and can be applied to all walks of life.
    most chicks don't know what they want. had i chick i thought i was good friends with go off on me cause she thought i don't talk to or spend enough time with her. sounds like a rant reserved for boyfriend/girlfriend relationships but she claims she doesn't want to be my girlfriend. fellas, if the chick states that she can have sex without getting attached 9/10 times she's lying regardless of how progressive she seems. maybe i'm late to that fact.
    okay, sorry cliff this is your blog. anyway nice read, keep up the good work.

  2. I quote..."Guys, stop drinkin's like the 2009 verison of ZIMA...CARRY ON!" true though.

    I also enjoy the part about sneaker forms....very well said good sir! Oh yeah, the straight swagger jack about the same type of material/blogs....ummmm yeah...another true statement. Saw a ton of that as well! Stay up sir and hope to see ya in another month or 2 for that event if it's still going down. Keep me posted as always.

  3. About the girls talking about how they need a man...they really need to figure out what they want and how they can get it. Don't even be upset though - that just lets you know that they're not worth your time anyway.

    And that opportunities quote is win. Consider it swacked.

  4. Cliff a.k.a Mr. Exclusive, I really enjoyed this 5:03. "The only opportunities you should regret are the opportunities that you don't take advantage of." - 100% agreed. I don't think Jason & I would've accomplished half the things we set out to if we hadn't jumped on the ones presented to us.

    Lots of girls are Contradicting,Indecisive, & Desperate; Trying to get "hooked up" with a guy who isn't for them. That's why they end up unhappy. I'm all about letting God send my ideal man to me. Anyway,

    I feel you on Nickelodeons "Doug" I used to watch that all the time growing up. Oh..they just don't make cartoons like they used to. Well, I hope you have a great time this year at MSU. I won't be able to come in Burn Rubber and Interrogate you anymore but, it's alright. Have fun, & Be blessed!

  5. Although I love all the 5:03s this one might be the best.....wholistically! I can really relate to you as far as your circle becoming smaller, mine too. Cliff man your one of the coolest dudes i've met. Your super down to earth even though your a "pop icon" jk. Mann you gotta keep doing this because the reg blogger is so opinionated and you blog about unadulterated feelings that make the reading really life applicable. Hopefully when I come up to MSU this year we can chillax. Be cool bro and study hard

  6. " matter how many you may tell someone how you feel about them (on some "more than friends" type shit), if those feelings aren't reciprocated, you have to move the fuck on, or you're setting yourself up for a world of hurt."
    Join the club. HOWEVER, if you do move on, you have to be sure that's what you want...burning bridges too early can potentially turn into unneeded disasters.

  7. Always a pleasure reading man, all those ohshitrospit quotes make me need the mixtape/album or somthin lol

  8. Good stuff man, keep stayin true to yourself.

  9. even though i didnt get to chill with you at the shop really i gotta say hanging wit you on ustream was pretty dope the first ustream episode ='s CLASSIC SHIT lol keep it up cliff we need you out here..ONE

  10. good looks on the mixtape shout out....Skool Boi've been warned.

  11. good looks on the mixtape shout out....Skool Boi've been warned.