Saturday, September 12, 2009


this song made AF-1s wack as fuck...carry on.


  1. correction! i disagree a lil bit. this song lead to air force ones being wack as fuck. this song took AF1's to their pinnacle of popularity. nike then hopped on the band wagon of someone who was on their bandwagon already(which is wack as fuck and bass ackwards). instead of remaining the leader and setting trends they started playing follow the leader and responded to the increased demand for af1's by releasing a crap load of ridiculous c/w's in an all but limited fashion at a lower quality than in the early 90's. this made it dumb easy for bootleggers because it became near impossible to tell which was which. i see the same thing happening to dunks and and the aj1. all three sneaks have that simple classic timeless appeal and design and nike is raping that fact.