Friday, August 21, 2009

5:03 AM

Well has been some what of a minute hasn't it? Haven't done a 5:03 in's a shame I'm so late with this one...fuck it, better late than never right?

I did receive more feedback then I had really expected from my last 5:03... mostly good, some bad, and some asking if I was talking about get all that out of the way, I'll address all of this right now...

First off, shout-out to everybody that saw the honesty in my words as well as the message. The positive feedback reiterated the influence and inspired me to stay motivated, regardless of whatever state of mind I'm in. Special thanks to d. knott, Mr. Wilson, and DBrown, who commented on the blog... all love!

As for the bad, well.... dwelling on the negativity is like arguing with a salty McCain supporter...

like Dom said, "if you wasted one wink of sleep on account of some shit that I said, I was prahly talkin bout you...HAAAAAAAA!"

Shout-out to Timothy YRB, who came into BR a couple days after that 5:03 and said "Damn Cliff, you went ham on that last 5:03"...LOL, It was much needed I said, this shit is therapy to me.

"It's crazy how you could go from being Joe Blow, to everybody on yo dick no homo." ...What Ye' said. I definitely relate.

Spicy girls that quote HOV lines are the best...MESSAGE!

Tiny & Toya is a dumbass show.


My dad made a new word: "Bitchwackassniga" ...Let me take my next couple of thoughts to elaborate on it:

If you hate on local artists that are already signed, gettin mad shine out here, you're a bitchwackassniga.

If you don't think Michigan Hip-Hop is shittin on your favorite region's scene, you're a bitchwackassniga.

If you talk negatively about the moves I'm makin, you're a bitchwackassniga.

If you have a wack ass blog/online magazine that looks like a poor man's Hypebeast and/or HighSnobiety, you're a bitchwackassniga.

If you just started a blog that looks just like what I'm doing, only your grind is a C- at best and your writing is piss poor, you're a bitchwackassniga... sidebar: make your own lane homie.

Before he left to go back to Duke, my homie Mike Posner left the Miike Snow album in my car. I can't stop listening to it. Definitely gonna be up there with one of my favorite albums of the year... thanks Mike!

Fawk what y'all think, that B5 record with R.L. is crazy....Carnell whatupdoe!

Shout-out to Deezle's dad Kev. My bad for not doin a 5:03 sooner, man. I got you on this one though.

Ladies: You can't be a hoe and call another girl a hoe, no matter how intelligent you are and/or how articulate you attempt to put it. That's like calling out someone for being a crackhead while your base needle is still stuck in your arm

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I have so much more to write about this morning, but I'm gonna hold off. HOWEVER, right before I go back to school, I will do a 5:03 called "What I've Learned Over The Summer". This next 5:03/WILOTS will most likely be the most personal & blunt I've ever been on here, some things I write on that you might not necessarily agree with, but you'll have no choice but to respect it...brace yourselves...till next time people.




  1. "Bitchwackassnigga"


  2. yeah. for some reason chicks who are/think they are smart feel like they can't be hoes (even though they have had sex with every one you know). and then will be the first to call another girl a hoe. hypocrisy is disease and honesty/self awareness is the cure. looking forward to the next 5:03.

  3. i love your 5:03 you bring the truth props to you ....your dad's bitchwackasnigga is classic lmao ...

  4. always dig your view on things. a ho is a ho is a bitchwackassnigga. keep motivatin'.

  5. "Spicy girls that quote HOV lines are the best" = triple truth ruth. My main interest right now dislikes Jay though, smh.

    Real shit otherwise, though.

  6. I hate when girls use that famous line..."I ain't a hoe, you a hoe! And if I was a hoe I would be a classy hoe." Bitch you are a hoe you got a lettermen jacket for fucking the whole football team. LOL!!!

  7. Throwin out subliminal disses about another blogger for no apparent're a bitchwackassniga...cliff has turned into the Joe Budden of bloggin'...y pop off about someone if you not gone at least give us a link so we can see who u goin in on...wack