Wednesday, April 8, 2009


"this is the (back)story... my nigga is on the computer at the library and needs to download something so went to get the librarian to download and comes back this girl is on his computer so he told the girl excuse me im on the computer she gets up and leaves with an attitude and talking shit and he leaves again to get the librarian so he can download and then he comes back again and she is x'n out all his stuff on the computer so all that work he did is gone so hes mad so he rocked the smut in the head with the book and left!"

Hilarious back story...even funnier video... Shout-out to Amanda for showing this to me. watch this:


  1. LOL....that ish was funny as hell! I don't condone violence against women but I gotta say she kinda had it coming deleting his work like that after he told her he was on the computer

  2. OMFG..yo her head cudda cracked da screen