Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A lot of people I talk to weren't feeling my title picture change, so I changed it back. However:

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! I'M LOOKING FOR A NEW BANNER FOR MY BLOG! YOU CAN SEND THE PICTURES TO: ...If it's dope, I'll put in on my blog. Who knows? I might do a feature on you. And please don't pester me with questions like "Hey, I sent my picture. What did you think?" I'll give you feedback if I feel the need to.

Y'all might be wondering how I felt about that MSU/UNC NCAA Championship game right? Maybe? Maybe not? Well, if you don't, I suggest you keep it movin, because here is my opinion: I had UNC winning since day one, and I called it. People were mad tight [II] that I made that decision, especially people up here...which was kinda funny to me. Let me break it down: I go to MSU to get a degree, & I could give a fuck about a sports TEAM, unless they're helping me gettin this degree (and they aren' all), dig?. What's funny to me is when people allow a game to change their mood. Like when State lost, people were all sad and sayin shit like 'Man, I don't wanna do shit tonight. State lost.' LOL! I never had school pride. Well, let me not front. The last time I remember having "school pride" was in junior high playing basketball, but I was young, and thought that that shit actually mattered. When I got to playing sports (football) in high school, coaches would use school pride for a team motivating tool, which I always looked at as hilarious. I started to develop a more individual way of thinking when it came to sports. My thing is that when it comes to sports I usually root for individuals on teams and not the whole "team" in general. Some of y'all may think it's bullshit, but it's whatever. Anyways, that's my little vent for the night. Shout-out to the Homies Kalin and Durrell. Next year, they are about to go ham on everybody...I'm callin it

Sleepy Brown is the South's version of Dwele

"AAAAAAAAAAH! DON'T FINISH YO' STATEMENT" ©Field Mob ...classic line. I should say it more often.

Wrestlemania was pretty dope on Sunday night...I haven't actually sat down and watched wrestling in a minute too, and I was impressed. However, the last match was kinda wack. The Hardy Boys match was crazy, JBL vs. Rey Mysterio match was hilarious, and the HBK/Undertaker match was classic. and Stone Cold???? CLASSIC.

"attention please. the copy center and reserves including copy center printing are now closed. the rest of the building will remain open all night with e-token printing available for MSU students, faculty, and staff.. thank you for your attention."

This semester is closing fast. I gotta pick classes for next year.

The realness of the "real world" is oh man


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