Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last Thursday, I got the opportunity to see my homie Mike Posner. He was in town, headlining 95.5's Buda Blast concert in Detroit. That morning before one of my exams, I hopped on my computer and got a chance to hear the radio version of "Cooler Than Me" streaming from 95.5 for the first time...pretty ill. Crazy how no matter how many times I hear that song, it's still ill and hits to me. Anyways, I got back in town during the afternoon, met up with Mike, and headed over to his meet-and-greet at Burn Rubber.

Rolled up to Burn Rubber.... a lot of Mike Posner supporters showed up...very dope.

No lie, it was pretty warm in Burn Rubber. I had to take a couple breaks and step outside. Mike, on the other hand, stayed and talked with each person that came to see him....and not just small talk either...actual conversations. One thing I notice is that Mike truly appreciates the people that enjoy his music more than a lot of other artists. The other thing is that Mike's music reaches all groups.... from the high school kids......

...to the girls that want you to sign their boobs......

......to the little ones..... everybody

Mike even bought ths guy a Burn Rubber hat.... if that's not love, then y'all trippin.

Anyways, the homie stayed after and made sure to stay and talk to each person all the way to the last one.

Rode in a limo for the first time ever...Rich Hil would be so mad at me, haha. Whatupdoe Pat! i see you.

Shout-out to Charice...met her right before Mike performed...good peoples...also met Buda...cool peoples as well. whatupdoe buda

Mike hit the stage.....ripped it. It always good to be home.

Hugs in 2010.

Big shout-out to Pose and Pat...always a good time. Good luck and safe travels at Warped Tour.

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  1. What in the world were those glasses you were wearing? lol