Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5:03 AM

was kinda surprised but mad appreciative of the love I got on the last one of these...I try my best to correctly articulate what I'm gets hard at times though.

So last night/morning was a big storm, and I couldn't help but thinkin it would be cool to have somethin spicy with me at that moment... le sigh, oh well

^like I literally lost sleep just staying awake listening to the rain drops, seeing the lightning out the corner of my eye, and hearing the thunder seconds later... a bunch of tranquility that this storm was bringin...shit was crazy. Made me think about mad, relationships, business, etc...just wild shit...the Four Loko helped out too, haha

i'm listening to "College Dropout" and "Late Registration" while typing this by the way this me zonin

I appreciate when people that are genuinely close to me in my life call to see how i'm doing or want to have a conversation. However, It's funny (a.k.a. not funny at all) when people that aren't close to me (in some cases, the ones to whom I gave them my contact out on some fluke shit) hit me up randomly to have conversations just to say they had a conversation with you... like are you really trying to see how I'm doing or just talkin to me because it's aesthetically pleasing?

Why do drinks taste better when you're drinking out of coffee mug? I have a feeling that I'm gonna be one of those niggas that's gonna have a house with no drinking glasses....just mugs, haha.

Honestly, I don't do bullshit conversations's all beginning to become unnecessary...and I see so many of y'all doin it. from the phone to text to skype to bbm... why? what does it accomplish? you can miss me with all that.

I need some vintage Pistons gear in my life.

Spicy ladies in Court Forces is sexy to me

Which is why I wanna say that if it seems I'm being short with some of y'all, please do not mind me. Sometimes I feel like I really don't need to communicate at times...i dunno. Some of y'all are full of shit and me realizing that is not only an eye opener, but unfortunate for many in some cases.

The musicality in Kanye's song "Slow Jamz" is something that's really amazing... put some headphones on and really listen to'll see what i'm saying.

I know too many people that keep too many squares in their circle. That shit is fuckin up your reputation...tighten up dumb fucks.

CAN ALL OF YOU STOP TRYING TO BE MTV TJ's?!?! YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC IS TERRIBLE AND MOST OF YOU WON'T BE SHIT IN LIFE BUT SOME 9 to 5ers (Edit: no diss to anyone with a 9 to 5 job... just dissing the conceptual box and comfortability (that's not even a fuckin word, haha) that the 9 to 5 can put one in)...let me be honest with everybody...Hustle Simmons and Emilio Sparks are some of the only people that actually have a chance to actually win.

I'm done helping y'all that don't help me...DONE. All that "lookin out" shit is over.

It's crazy when some of y'all don't listen to me when I try to tell some of you what's gonna put you in a better position of strength. being stubborn is no longer an excuse. y'all just stupid as hell.

LADIES: Sex And The City has fucked your minds up and shit thinkin that lady Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty. She looks like Seabiscuit.

Would Harry Potter be as big as it is if Harry Potter was black? Just wondering.....fuck it's 5:03, I'm writing whatever the fuck I think....per usual.

I think I'm gonna get rid of some of these outlets where I can be contacts....I'm starting to feel "too reachable" at times.

So Drake's album leaked a couple weeks ago...and I've been listening to it...and I gotta say that shit is cold. 95% of you lames sayin his shit was wack or "had too much singing/R&B in it" don't fuckin buy albums anyways. You know who does??? All those people that are buying his album like that shit.

Katy Perry is becoming cold to me...that is all.

ONE MORE TO THE LADIES: why are some of y'all on these social media networks talkin all these "I need a man/I'm single" shit when y'all really got boyfriends??? You hoes look stupid.

I'am leave you all with one more jewel on this 5:03: many of you all don't realize that who you ally yourself with now is fuckin up your future money. let that circulate. i'm gone

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  1. "aeshetically pleasing conversations" that was amusing on some chris rock, so funny because its so true type stuff. i'm accused of being anti social but i only have but so much energy and have to invest it wisely. "aesthetically conversations" aint what's happenin'

    at first i was offended by the 9 to 5ers comment, and even though i know i am not alone i will probably be the only to voice it. but there is actually no harm done with that comment. and if you find yourself offended by it or similar statements it usually means that you need to check yourself and where you are in life. nothing wrong with 9 to 5'in it but if thats all you are with no aspirations to excel or want to do more but can't find the courage and ambition to do so then thats a problem.
    ....or cliff is actually hating on the folks with regular jobs. lol but my optimism and better judgement wont allow me to entertain that thought.