Monday, May 24, 2010


Shout-out to @MikePosner @VanLineEnt @adamduke for rockin with me all weekend. Much luv!

Last weekend was really dope. Many things were mostly unblog-able and untwitterable, and some I don't remember (I swear i didn't know Everclear was real.), but I do have some pics of the epicness that was last weekend.

In Cincinnati, stopped at this spot called CINCY STEAK AND LEMONADE on Vine Street.....which was fuckin amazing! I ordered the Gyro Platter...everything's separate and you put your own shit together. This spot has the best Gyro meat i've ever had in my life...seriously. If you want good Gyros, this is definitely the spot. Thank Me Later.... no Drake.

The Gyros weren't the only reason I was in Cincinnati, haha. I haven't seen my friend Mike Posner in a minute. He's been working so hard on his new project for the world to hear (I heard a couple songs...and it's SO DOPE! can't wait for y'all to hear it), and so much has been going on in his life, so we definitely had to catch up. It's inspiring and motivating to hear all the success that Mike earned these last couple of years. Anyways, after we chopped it up, he hit the stage. pandemonium ensued.

One thing I've been noticing about Mike is that his performances improve on every gig. His personality becomes clearer and more viewable every gig. He puts it all out there on stage and holds nothing back. You have no choice but to respect that.

Levitating Pos' David Blaine

the drive to Cincinnati from East Lansing was a whole lot. Right after the performance, I headed to the hotel and went to sleep...woke up and before me and Duke left Cleveland, we headed to Corporate. The pics don't do this spot justice...super quality.

Shout-out to Matt T. and the whole Corporate crew for showing love.

The next couple things that transpired I wasn't ready for at all. First, we traveled to Athens, Ohio, which was an event within itself. No highways to Athens...just one-lane driving for damn near three hours. I started lookin around and started seeing less city, more country...less streetlights, more dirt roads, less buildings, more methlabs, haha, i keed i keed. In all seriousness, Athens, Ohio is in the middle of nowhere, but they party harder than any place I've ever seen. As we got closer to the venue, the number people, both men and women were carrying Natty Ice in all forms: Cases, kegs, coolers I even saw many put the beer in storage containers filled with ice....yeah, they take their Natty Ice serious down there. Got to the venue....13,000 STRONG!

Meet Andy, who owned all the property that 7Fest was held on. Dude owns 110 acres of land, and completely cleared 15 acres of to hold the event....Crazy right? Anyways, Andy was gracious enough to open his house to us. Funny story he told us: He and his wife were deciding where to live. He wanted to live on the river, while his wife wanted to live in the country. So he comprised. He said "I sided with my wife, and we live in the country with lots of space. BUT with the 15 acres of land I cleared, I'm gonna build a lake so i can waterski in my front yard" <----- MOST BALLIN COMMENT OF THE YEAR

Shout-out to DJ EV, who killed the set before Mike got on.

Almost forgot to was sooooo muddy and the crowd was extra rowdy, throwing mud, full beer cans, the one point i saw a kid gettin pulled out of the crowd with his head pouring out blood. Anyways, Mike hit the stage extra clean with the Dr. Romanelli jumpoff.

like I wrote before... the crowd was supa dupa live.... 13,000 STRONG!

Shout-out to DJ EV...real cool dude who left 7 Fest with only 3 specks of mud on his shirt....literally defying the odds.

At this point, Mike's performance in Athens goes from a show to an experience. Basically, during Mike's performance in between songs, one rowdy festgoer throws some mud and hits Mike. Mike looks down at the mud that hit him & says "You think I give a fuck about some mud?!?!" As I was standing on the side of the stage, I notice Mike coming towards me. He hands me the mic as I say "Mike, whatchu need bro?" He says "Give me some mud", runs down the stairs of the stage, and belly flop jumps in a HUGE puddle of mud near the side of the stage. He rolls around for a second, then runs back on stage, completely covered in mud. The crowd goes crazy as Mike says "I fuckin love you guys!" The energy went to a whole 'nother level.

Impromptu shit like that is something that you don't see from any artists out now, and what separates the great performers from the good ones. If you haven't seen Mike Posner live, you're missing out and will not be disappointed. SO ILL!

Dope shirts. Posner fans go hard body.

Everybody left the show a mess.....except DJ EV of course, haha.

Kids riding in the back of pickup truck on the highway...7Fest is no joke out there. I loved every minute of it.

Once again, big thank you's go out to Mike Posner and Pat. Much love and respect. No one works harder than you's only a Matter of Time (no pun intended) before the world sees it. Shout-out to Duke for holding me down on this trip. Mike Posner's album is gonna be a game

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