Friday, May 21, 2010


it's been a while. Good to actually be back. mad ideas to try and get out right now it's crazy. So many positive emotions and feelings to try and articulate through this outlet called "blogging." However, can I talk my shit again? I'm at that point where it's been building up and building up and building up. it's time...if you aren't ready for my word, I suggest you stop reading this and go to one of those other fuckboyblogs you read that posts the same shit as everyone else.

SO many of the believers of this blog and what I write have been asking me for the past month something that basically entails "Cliff, whatupdoe? No updates on the blog in a month. you're just on twitter tweeting, ain't taumbot shit. you forgot about your blog nigga? Fuck you doin? Bullshittin!"

hahaha. My Answer to that: figuring things out...I had to provide a vague answer because so many things have been goin on with my life (i.e. school/finals, cincerts, business and meetings for the next couple ventures which will come to the light very soon.) Plus, I've seen too many of you SHEEP BLOGS, b.k.a "" fuckin this whole blog game up, postin what everybody is posting. Nothing is makin you dumbasses original. Which is why I had to step away from my shit for a second and re-evaluate why I was doing this shit....and that's why I figured it out...that revelation you will see on my next

Listening to Joshua Redman's "Beyond"... makin this writing shit too easy.

I cannot wait to see the episode of The Boondocks episode where they ether Tyler Perry. It's gonna be great. This new season has been pretty dope to me so far.

Maaaaaaaaaan, it's been way too long since one of these 5:03s. It's crazy when you're going throughout your day with no computer, and all these ideas going through your head, then you sit down at a computer, and your mind draws a blank. It's happened one too many times in these last couple of moments.

you groupies on twitter slay me with your "outpouring of emotions" trynna get attention. Go get a xanga, livejournal or somethin with all that bullshit. y'all gotta learn that if you've done some shit like...well, you all know how groupies get down...pun intended...haha, anyways, if you try to get all philosophical on twitter, and you're a groupie, all that uplifting shit you write is null and void. miss me with all that shit.

I wanna play Oregon Trail so bad right now you have no idea.

I would drop kick the baby from hangover in the face for a Sweetwater burger right now.

seriously. these hoes on twitter have mastered the subliminal tweet, which is super weak...esp. when it involves me too (I saw some of that's funny to me) need to cower behind your myopic verbiage... there's an '@' for that.... silly petty bitches. grow the fuck up.

In this generation, I feel that Janelle Monae is the closest thing to Lauryn Hill we will have of this generation... yeah I said it...and what foo.

Fuck awkward moments...never had one...

I fuckin hate snakes. no Indiana Jones.

There's gonna be some changes that y'all should see from my side of things...

new website as well. ;)

These fashion shows I been to and have heard about recently in and around Detroit should just be called "hoodie rat gatherings" or "people with no fashion sense get together and show off the clusterfuck clothing that looks like Stevie Wonder sewed it together"

I'm done having small talk with you clowns too. I don't care about y'all anymore...well, i didn't care before, I was just talkin to a whole lot of y'all for the aesthetics of it. y'all slowin me the fuck down. y'all talking and tweeting my got damn head off.

you young niggas jumped on this snapback hat shit wayy too strong...lil niggas did the same shit with G-Shocks....smh, y'all followers be killin me.

Black folks love Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Heard some slick talk back home while I was in East Lansing taking care of some's a shame the way niggas will smile, shuck, and shine right in your face, and got so much #hurt on the inside...smh

I see some of you ladies out here to stop claiming to be so real, so honest, so blunt, so blunt...when y'all lead some screwed fucked up hurtass lives. Read some Du Bois or Dodson or somethin. y'all need prayer, a hi-c orange with no ice, and a sunday school hug.

Has it really hit y'all that my friend Mike Posner is #54 on Billboard's Hot 100???? siiiiiiiiick. He's is gonna KILL THE GAME with his

Big Sean's influence on the rap game is lowkey CRAZY and sooooo DOPE. wait till y'all hear his new shit. it doesn't disappoint at all

It's fuckin crazy when I can actually look at a lot of you and see that you won't be shit in life. Some of y'all in college trying to get a degree, but y'all are wasting your time and your parents' money. Sorry, it's true. I've realized that hoes and deceitful ass people do nothing but bring your imaginative and progressive mind to a stagnant point which is somewhat cancerous to one's success. Cut that bullshit out.

smh...silly hoes.

Say what you want. I'm still me...and I'm still lookin out for those that have looked out for me. and these future projects that are coming up will be dope. You wanna follow me on my journey? cool, you're gonna love it and be mad entertained. oh, some of y'all don't? that's cool too. keep riding niggas' coattails... see where that gets you...dumb bitches with Kat Stacks dreams.

BIG SHOUT-OUT TO EVERYBODY THAT HAS STILL BEEN CHECKIN UP ON ME THROUGHOUT THIS SHORT HIATUS. In blogging terms, a month without blogging is like living under a rock for 5-10 years. Thank you for sticking with me. All luv!

SHOUT-OUT MY BROTHERS RICK AND RO...i can't shout-out and thank y'all enough for the opportunities. Deezle, Jopium whatupdoe! let's have fun and get this money.

Well well, now that i got that out of my system, let's look toward the positivity in the future. Because that's actually what the fuck I'm gonna do. There are too many opportunities and too much money out here to fuck up and not flip this shit to your advantage. Stay positive, keep your circle right and full of people that are better than you to motivate yourself for more progressive moments in life.



  1. Congrats on the future projects coming up, looking forward to seeing them come to fruition.

    Boondocks this season is cool, but it's a lot less laugh-out-loud funny as the previous two seasons. I respect them trying to have the subliminal/underlying message tone, but it's not as entertaining, and it's a lot more predictable. And Episode 2 was sorta ass. I'm looking forward to seeing the other episodes though - and like you said, the one where they ether Tyler Perry should be great.

    And you're right about the lack of originality in blogging. That's a huge reason why I blog so much less these days - I'd rather not post something when I don't have anything to say, than just post a shitload of stuff just for the sake of getting comments. If I lose hits, so be it - I do it for myself anyway.

    Anyway, I'll see you when I see you. Stay up

  2. This just kinda blew my mind. Do your thing man. I'm glad to see some introspection and original thought on a hip-hop site.

  3. a man i was excited to see you at the posner concert in was a surprise...glad you could make it down...your blog is dope as fuck

  4. Well worth the hit the nail on the head with this snapback hat shit. I see at least 4,000 snapback and G-Shock combo any given day in downtown chicago.

    Glad your back bro...

  5. lmao@sunday school hug
    lmao@"kat stacks dreams"(very sad that to these girls ho'ing yourself out has become a career move. at least when marilyn monroe did it she had some talent and class, and was gettin it in with the f'n president. take notes future hoes of america)

    that last paragraph and the comment about decietful ass people and hoes being like cancer is so on point. nothing more to say about that one.

    welcome back homeboy

  6. I like!

    Very inspiring. Keep it up