Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last Tuesday, I was blessed with the opportunity to host a concert in Ann Arbor on the University of Michigan's campus with my friend Big Sean, The Clipse, Wale, put on by the Michigan Student Assembly. SHOUT-OUT TO TJ WINFREY FOR MAKIN IT HAPPEN. For those of you that don't know, I do go to Michigan State University. However, I fuckin love U of M and they show me way more love than Michigan State....from the way they treated me as soon as I stepped foot on campus, to the crowd, to the security backstage, to an atmosphere and ambience....all that shit. So... if you go to Michigan State and you're mad at that previous sentence, do better and maybe I'll change my views.....siiiike. And don't hit me with that "Cliff, why don't you just go to U of M then?" bullshit, Michigan State gave me more scholarship money....soooo....yeah, dollars and sense bitches, ha. and FUCK SCHOOL SPIRIT. gimme my degree and I'm gone. anyways, I digress...onto the pics...

Big Sean was up first...killed it.

brought up Earlly Mac and Dusty McFly for "Hollywood" and "Iraq" ...I was hype

Clipse were next...did their thing crazy. shout-out to my friend Malice. It's always good to talk to them and their positive energy is always welcomed.

Wale came out and shut it from he and Tre was super live.

Wale left the stage at the end of his set, then came with that Braylon Edwards jersey. crowd went FOOLAY.

hey now

Shout-out to Mike from MOTIVATION. always been good peoples. check out their spring line as well.

Once again, shout-out to U of M. I love y'all. gone.

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