Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Got the opportunity to peep a great show last Friday. Mayer Hawthorne, Nikki Jean, and my homie House Shoes?!?! can't go wrong with that at all.

First off, Nikki Jean killed it! I love her sound. It's so refreshing. and her voice is amazing

Happy Belated Birthday to @HouseShoes. He DJ'd a set inbetween Nikki and Mayer that was so ill.

This shit had me dyin

Peep that new new. Crazy ain't it?

Mayer shut it down. If you're not up on him you're losin.


and i'm gone.

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  1. nikki jean. very dope. mayer hawthorne. very dope. picture of shirtless, scary fat guy with the lady ga ga tea cup in his had. very funny. that is until i had a nightmare about him. damn that bastard.

    saw mayer hawthorne for the first time at the majestic this year and he was dope. this time around you could hear the improvement in his vocals. i was kind of worried about life after strange arrangment and him possibly being placed in that one off, gimmicky box. but dude has some serious staying power. i would love to hear him sing over some contemporary tracks. and he hasn't even released the bars yet.