Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So I didn't really want to do a post each day about Spring Break. Plus, I didn't bring my camera everywhere. Be that as it may, my Spring Break was dope as fuck. I got a lot of work done, and was able to make a few key moves...don't worry, you'll see the outcomes of those sooner than later.

We'll start with Morris Beaterson a.k.a. DJ Mo Beatz came in to chop with up with us.

The DJ Mo Beatz Custom Burn Rubber Jacket ...ill right?

I haze interns like a champion, haha

Went to the Phat Sammich in Birmingham. I fuckin co-sign this spot heavy

THE PHAT SAMMICH... so good!

Grape Uncrustable? grow up JOPIUM. sidebar: strawberry is wayyyy better

Ro Spit co-sign. that sandwich looks fuckin great.
Ro Spit promo vid. I see you Gerard
Shit you see in Royal Oak: half naked white folks runnun down 4th Street.
man with wig and woman's bikini... nucking futs
Some Guys Just Win Them All.
This is what employees do everyday before closing time. get buff, lol.... i keed i keed


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