Wednesday, February 3, 2010


big shout-out to @Chip216 @SLABUP & @getstroked for the opportunity. Got the opportunity to host the Chip Tha Ripper concert in Studio 4 in Ann Arbor last friday. A very good look. On to the pics:

the meet and greet at Motivation was a dope turnout

Motivation's infamous back wall

So the homie Fowl opened the show. For those of you that don't know, he's only a freshman up at Michigan State, and has BARS ON DECK. I don't normally co-sign a whole lot of people, but dude got my support.

I can't even explain what FowL really did... well I can, but I don't want to... y'all just have to be on the lookout when he's in your area. This pic that was taken was one of the illest of the evening in my eyes.

"Cliff, you betta put this shit on your blog!" ...I got you!

So Chip hits the stage, and I bullshit you not, halfthe crowd put one in the air.

This pic doesn't so the smoke justice, lol... at one point,I couldn't even see in front of me, haha.

Chip killed it though

Big Sean came through and did ''Fat Raps"

once again, a big thank you to Michael from Stroke and Big Duke. whatupdoe homie.

Shout-out to Kev from Slab Up for having the intestinal fortitude to rock an Ohio State jacket in Ann Arbor like a champion.



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