Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My homie @rodney_eighty81 got the call from @j_weathers on the batphone last thursday. Next thing you know rodney and I are DJ'ing and hosting a party at AEPi. I love AEPi. They show rodney and I the most love out of all the groups up at MSU. Once again, shout-out to the homie Weathers for helping me search all over East Lansing to get a microphone so I can host this party.

Proof's in the pudding right?

Shout-out to my fam from MSU's hoop team Durrell and Kalin for comin through to support

hey now

Shout-out to Skigh High for being security for the night, lol...

I've said it before and continue to say it. To the rest of Michigan State: if you want your party to bang out, I suggest you call either me or Rodney ASAP.

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