Thursday, January 14, 2010


So last Friday I was blessed to catch Monica Blaire at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Now I have seen Ms. Blaire numerous times, but never with a live band. She did two evening shows & packed both out...yes people...even the upper level, lol.

Anyways, Monica's energy is already crazy, but this live band took this shit to a whole 'notha level. I know place her in the "Can Do No Wrong" category moving past Alicia Keys, Chrisette Michele, and Nikki Jean..... TRUE FUCKIN STORY.

Then Big Bro came out, tapped, and kill it....didn't know Rick got down like that did you?

Marvwon dropped some BARS as well...

Right after I shot a move to The Shelter to MarvWon's "Wayne Fontes" Release Party. KrackDiesel and JFin hit the stage....

Then my homie Jwan...

Heyyyyy Monica

Miz Korona came through rippin.

Arguably one of my favorite performances of the night went to Danny Brown. I can't even describe it. Just know that if Danny Brown is ever performing in your area, you must catch it.

Dwele and my fam

First time meeting Royce of the coolest

Marvwon's time......KILLED IT. Go get his latest project "WAYNE FONTES" in BURN RUBBER RIGHT NOW!

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  1. pretty damn mad i missed these events. saw monica blaire at arturo's in southfield a couple years ago with the live band and she kilt it(went straight to street corner that saturday and copped her last disc). last i saw danny brown was at the illa j release at the shelter...kilt it. kinda upset that i there wasn't a post on this site pumpin these events, kind of a slip cause you usually hold us down on these....i'm just