Friday, January 15, 2010


No lie, my Christmas break was goin pretty shitty. Everything was moving pretty slow, and I had to get out of Michigan for a second. Anyways, ever since the release of "A Matter Of Time", my friend Mike Posner alwasy told about how the people at University of Dayton rock so hard, and I didn't believe him at all... until last Saturday that is. I drove down to Dayton to kick it with Mike. I haven't seen him in a minute, and he's been busy with gigs and workin on his album, which is amazing.

Before I stop at the hotel, I peeped this pizza spot.

Come to find out they're gonna be on my favorite show "MAN VS. FOOD" <---yuuup, that's a Skighwalker exclusive by the way, lol
The Chicken Barbecue was the winner

Sound check at the venue....everyone was WIRED, lol

One thing about Mike is that he always shows his supporters love...ALWAYS, no matter how busy he may be.

Took a quick nap, and got to the venue. It was packed.

Mike came out, and it was holy ghost, speakin tongues crazy in there.

People packed out on the stripper pole too.

I was recording on a flip cam and tryin to snap flicks at the same time. One thing I noticed about Mike is that he's always improving, performance-wise and musically too.

Customized Dayton Jersey. Dope.

Supporters of the blog in Dayton. Thank y'all!
Big shout-out to Pos' for lettin me tag along. Preciate it homie...and good luck to everything coming up in the future. To everybody reading, wait till you hear Mike's new music. It's gonna be crazy!

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