Sunday, January 10, 2010


For those of you not in area that don't know us, Rick is a behind-the-scenes type of person with Burn Rubber. He's always the one to let the quality of the product speak for itself. Something you may not know about Rick is that he's also a professional tap dancer...keyword: PROFESSIONAL.

Here's a little fun fact: Rick and I first met when i was in junior high. I took tap as a youngin and Rick was my teacher... and honestly I wasn't that bad shuffle game was kinda weak though. When it came to practice and learning steps, Rick never fucked around......NEVER. If y'all thought I clown now, it was way worse when i was young. When I would get out of pocket, he was right there with the wittiest comebacks that would shut down any joke you thought you had on deck. I remember having some "fake thug hood niggas" in my tap class that didn't practice what was taught the previous week. Rick went off and practically had these guys in tears of sorrow. Just like Jazz is my passion, Tap is Rick's, and it shows everytime he performs. I haven't seen Rick really perform in a minute, and this weekend brought back so many memories.

Anyways, here's Monica Blaire performing "Promise Me" off her debut album "Pieces of Me" with special guest appearance by Rick Williams (Burn Rubber co-owner) also showcasing his tap dancing. Shot by Gerard Victor

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