Thursday, December 3, 2009


Props to @RapRadar ...this is arguably the best rendition of a Michael Jackson song that I've ever heard. Maxwell did this song as well, if not better than the King of Pop himself... don't agree with me? comment and let me know how you feel...but first watch this performance:


  1. gotta disagree. he did well, no doubt, but you know michael would have killted that song. i know you saw this is it. micahel's vocal contral and inflections are dope and unparalleled. and his notes are so crisp.
    ...and you could hear that either the weather or nervousness was a hinderance to maxwells voice. i've seen him live and he can do better than what he did last night vocally.
    it was still dope though. best i've seen that i can remember. closest i can recall is Ginuwine doing a rendition of she's out of my life on that show Robert townsend used to host on channel 20 in the mid to late nineties. i forget the name, i just now it would come on on saturday nights after russell simmons one world music beat.
    "i wanna paint yo toe nails baby"-classic, hilarious. girls dig that stuff though

  2. Gotta disagree too. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Maxwell fan, he did an excellent cover. If it were a single I would buy it today. But Michael had some runs at the end of the original that are untouchable.

  3. Er... no...

    Do yourself a favour and Please reacquaint yourself with the original song...

    There was so much SOUL in Michael's voice... He was almost begging... and to me... Lady in My Life is the sexiest song ever. It's so simple, not too explicit yet so heartfelt.

    Michael's songs are timeless....

  4. I agree with my fellow commenters. Michael's original is far superior. He is the best. There will never be another like him. What a loss.

  5. "you could hear that either the weather or nervousness was a hinderance to maxwells voice."

    Yea, maxwell's voice was a lil' shaky in the beginning...the transitions in notes or pitches wasn't smooth, but the second half or last quarter of the song was pretty good...

    "There was so much SOUL in Michael's voice.." Yea, there's definitely a passion and attitude in michael's "Lady of My Life" Michael's sincere whereas Maxwell wants to persuade you that he's sincere, so there's that lack of believebility

    nice cover, but definitely not better than the original.

  6. Michael speaks of the song in Moonwalk. He says that Quincy "wanted me to go back into the studio and literally beg for it. So I went back in and had them turn off the studio lights and close the curtain between the studio and the control room so I wouldn't feel self-conscious. Q started the tape and I begged. The result is what you hear in the grooves." Brilliant.

  7. I don't think it was better than the original but still really incredible. Imagine how much pressure he would've had on himself for that performance. Covering one of MJ's songs is like throwing yourself in front of a train. However, I think Maxwell woulda made Michael proud.