Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We need you all to vote. This would be a great look not just for Ro and Burn Rubber, but for the entire city of Detroit. LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!

via Burn Rubber:
Ro Spit has been drafted to help re-brand the city of Detroit and needs your help. He needs everybody to vote for him (click here) (choose “Ad #4 – Campbell-Ewald”). Information about the contest can be found after the jump.

Roland “Ro Spit” Coit has been drafted to help re-brand the city of Detroit. The initiative to help attract and rejuvenate the urban sector is sponsored by the Time Inc. unit of Time Warner. An article in the NY Times explains “The whole idea of the contest is that we believe in the renewal of the city,” said Mark Ford, president for the news group at Time Inc. in New York. This is to be accomplished partly by people moving to Detroit with their businesses and creativity, and being there “for the long haul.” In the same NYT article Roland adds ““Detroit is a blank canvas. You’ll find inspiration around every corner. … What you do with it depends on you.”

The contest features 5 different ads that are vying for the ad space in Fortune magazine, a slot valued at $400,000. In addition the ad will be placed on three websites: cnnmoney.com, fortune.com, and time.com. The winner will be announced Dec. 2 at a popular awards ceremony in Detroit known as the D Show.

Vote here on the CNN money website, early and often. We need everyone to help us get the word out. Share this information with your audience and post the voting link so we can re-brand Detroit properly

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