Saturday, November 21, 2009


got a call last Wednesday from the homie Kevin Lamar tellin me that he'll be in the area with Asher the next day. Say no more.

got to the venue and found out that the homie Consequence was gonna be there too! his set was illy... he was one of the first artists that put my blog in the links section of his page... champion!

a lil Kaws action (lol) X Asher levitating

seeing ConsTV recorded live..... so dope

Kev and Wreckineyez killt it.... their musical chemistry is pretty ill. I recommend you peep live

One of the things tht really dope about hangin out with Kevin, Wreck, Asher, & Brain is that their energy is always inspiring and motivating on one's psyche. That energy is always translated on stage. Asher's performance

When the show was over, got a chance to chill with the crew. I don't wanna spill any beans on anything I heard, but what I will say is Cons' and Asher's next projects will be insane... you can definitely quote me on that. Mad funny moments too... you'll see it on ConsTV soon.

Big thank you to Kevin, Wreck, Asher, Brain, Boyder, Jason, Mo Chedda, and Cons for all the love. I really appreciate all the positive energy.

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