Friday, November 6, 2009


Last night, I made a quick trip down to Detroit to catch 101 (Ro Spit, Marvwon, Ron Dance) RAP FOR DUMMIES show at the Shelter at St. Andrew's. Really good seein my BR and Michigan hip-hop fam, and all our loyal customers of course.

Aight, so the homie PhatBoy Chef opened the show... BARS.

Jwan was up next...performed a couple songs and "Nothing Really Matters".... had all of FF there to support him...dope.

Earlly Mac killt it... i swear the shit he's creating is from another planet

Fatt Father blessed the stage...his Michael Jackson Tribute had me dyin!!!! no pics or video of it though...I guess it'll be just for those who were in attendance, lol.

Monica Blaire kills it every performance.....HANDS DOWN!

Ro Spit started off 101's set and did a some of his solo joints...all ill

So last nite Marvwon performance was reminiscent to Jordan's "Flu Game" since Marv was unofficially diagnosed with Swine Flu.

don't tell me this nigga Ron Dance looks like an asshole right here, LOL! sidebar: ONE BE LO sighting! OH LORD!

all of 101 got on stage...when these guys get together, they definitely put on a show... which could be summarized by good ass music + BARS + funny ass jokes + clownin + beer + Ron Dance Gangsta Bars + Marvwon's christmas sweater + BARS + more beer + BARS.... did I mention BARS?

my nigga Rodney from Eighty81 stopped through

Just when i thought the show was over.... Earlly Mac's "House Party" comes on... sheeeit, no complaints here....that's my shit!

Ro and Monica Blaire performed "Renaissance State Of Mind" ...perfect way to end the night

the homie Big Sean inthe building to support his FF crew and BR... now that's #REALGANGSTASHIT

Zeno whatupdoe!

Space Jams crispy

Whatup LO!

hey SHE.

Quote of the night goes to Black Milk: "fuck everybody's life in 20-10, and if you don't rock with me, eat a dick."

i see you hiding

once again, big thank you to everybody that was there to support. My apologies for not gettin pics with everybody. I got y'all next time.

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