Thursday, November 26, 2009


@Zshock and @MijoUgly <--- mad thanks to both of y'all for makin this possible. aight let's start this off:

Due the soundcheck, numerous meet-and-greets, and copius amounts of fans all over the area, Chris couldn't stop by BR during normal hours. However, big shout-out to his crew that did though. Thankfully, with the help of good people (you know who you are! Thank you so much!) we got the opportunity to meet up with Chris backstage a couple hours before the show started. y'all already know I'm super blunt, and in all honestly, Chris is a super down to earth guy... very humble & genuine... and on his fashion shit!

...and rockin the BR fitted like a Champion off rip

Tried to get passes for the show later that evening...found out from Chris's brother Mijo that Brandon T. Jackson took the last of the passes. Dear Brandon, I hate your guts....haha, just kidding fam. Anyways, Chris did stay that after the show he wanted to stop by... Got a text from Mijo when the show ended that he still wanted to come through to BR. Got to BR with the quickness...Breezy's tour bus pulled up in front of BR, and the fans started gathering...swear I have never seen anything like that Rick said on twitter, it looked like our Black Friday Sale already... and it was only Wednesday...CRAZY!

Chris's crew chillin

Choppin it up with Rick...

Big shout-out to Royal Oak police for controlling the quasi-riot outside of BR, lol

So. Many. People. Outside. CRAZINESS.

There you have it. Big shout-out to Chris Brown and his crew for stopping by and reppin Burn Rubber like a champion!


  1. Very major look dude, you know I stay checkin up on ya, seeing how a pop icon handles business. -Trey-