Friday, November 13, 2009

5:03 AM

Big shout-out my brother Rick for the haircut. It IS beard season by the way.... not cutting it until spring.....probably...stay tuned.

Being that last couple weeks were such an amazing week for viral music, most of my thoughts gotta revolve around the music. So happy bout that.

"I got a lot of family, you got a lot of fans, that's why people got my back like the Verizon man."

Ryan Leslie's "Never Gonna Break Up" might just win my award for song of the year. There are always those songs where there is a line or maybe a verse that can apply to a situation that you might have gone through. (almost) Every verse, every line, every word of this song is how I feel and have felt for a minute on certain situations... listen to that first track. some of y'all might understand where I'm comin from if you listen closely.

And Wale's album is craaaaaaazy! well put together and everything.

I need a Paula Patton in my two weeks ago.

I need an Esperanza Gomez in my two minutes ago.

I need an Alicia Keys in my two hours ago.

I need a Sloan from Entourage in my two seconds ago.

I need a Roselyn Sanchez in my two days ago.

I need a Emmy Rossum in my two years ago.

I need a Kerry Washington in my two months ago.

......yeah, I don't think you get the picture...

have you gone trippy trippy, have you gone trippy trippy, have you gone trippy trippy trippyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Circle of influence gettin bigger like the tops of ponds.

RO SPIT'S "OH S#!T PROJECT" is crazy.

Moments like this, when you feel as if you don't have people supporting you is when you see who's really gonna help you progress and look out for your best interest. When you see who's lookin out for you at times like that, it makes your day and the way you carry yourself that much better.


let's see, how eloquent can I put this? Well, I feel like I'm always talking about twitter in these 5:03's, lol. Let's hope this is last time I address subjects like this. In my eyes, Twitter is turning out to be the social media network's double-edged sword. First off, my opinion, no matter how extreme it may be, is my opinion. What I love about it is that when I state something on there, it's all mine. Also, if I criticize something, the opporunity to be constructive is always available, which I take advantage of most of the time. However, you're never gonna make everyone happy with your words and/or actions. The beautiful thing about Twitter is that if you don't like what someone is saying that 'unfollow' button is clear as fuck on the screen. That being said, what amazes me are the people that have the privilege of contacting me personally and/or speaking to me face-to-face choose not to, then wanna @reply either taking digs on my view or try to correct me on miniscule shit. It's spilled milk to me though... I'll add a #KanyeShrug and a #MarvwonSmirk to that, LOL! Honestly, at the end of the day, "either love me or leave me alone."

Sometimes, I feel like I'm the most understood misunderstood person you'll ever get to meet.

Rosa Acosta X Terry Richardson for Supreme photoshoot = WE ALL WIN.

"Many people gonna walk in and out your life, but only true friends leave footprints on your heart" ....Beans said some shit.

Like Adubb said, "If a person doesn't like Skighwalker for whatever reason it has to be pure foolishness...he's the coolest dude in the state of Michigan" nigga!

That party over hallo-weekend really showed the positive energy that can be created up at State when I get involved. Thinking about that shit, I can't help but smile...not just at the outcome of the party, but the other messages it conveyed to everyone up at MSU that supports, as well as some of y'all that no longer do. Matta fact, you can catch me 'round campus with a big ass smirk on my face till further notice, lol.... on some "Fuck you if you don't rock with me" type shit...



  1. That part about when you feel like noone's supporting you is when you see people that really looking out for you is speaking volumes to me.

  2. Whats good bro. Nice Lupe Shout-out, another thing you should check out is Drake - Material Girl. That S#!t is insane. Anyway... this ninja situation is a go ... I found someone to film it. #Hollatyaboi