Monday, October 12, 2009


"you full a that diesel, Ha? you duckin them people, Ha?"

I remember when this dropped, I was my mom's car, listening to WJLB thinkin "WTF is this?!" it was somethin I never heard before, but it sounded so ill that I had no choice but to rock with it,

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  1. hated this song when it first came out. but thats when i was first coming into my hip-hop headedness. so if you wasnt on some super lyrical ish with a dope beat/flow i wasn't too much listenin. now that i can respect and admire the gucci mane's and juveniles and their side of the story, this song is potent. dudes in the Mitten could definitely apply the words in this hook to the daily struggle "...paper chaser, got ya block on fire, remainin a g, till the moment you expire, know what it is to make something outta nothin, handle yo biz, don't be cryin when you sufferin" whoadey!