Sunday, October 25, 2009


A bbm from the homie @HustleSimmons stating "What's your last name?" followed by a "Aight. you good" had me on my way to Eastern Michigan University last Wednesday. Just when I thought he had forgot about me, lol...

Big-shout out to my big bro Hustle Simmons ...ain't no thangin, just real shit. I wouldn't even be posting this if it wasn't for him.

So I got to the venue a tad late....missed Wale's set. My bad homie...heard Hustle was spazzin on stage to. SHout-out to the homie Wale for rockin this Motivation Double Logo tee.....uber dope.

N*E*R*D's set was ill. Their newest member Rhea is thee coldest.

Didn't even know my big brothers Rick and Ro were there...always good weeing them, especially since I haven't seen them in a minute


SO thanks to the homie Ashley, I got down to floor level. Got to where the soundboard was, which was basically a who's who of people you know/have seen on my blog/etc. Was standing next to Fam-Lay and then was Rhea from N*E*R*D. she's OH...........SO........SPICY!

This was my first Jay-Z concert. ever. crazy , right? anyways, JAY was killin it. Hit after Hit and Hit.... shit's amazing

Hustle, DJ Mo Beatz a.k.a. MORRIS BEATERSON (address him as such)

thee man Dante Digital... Big Sean & Adubb I see you!!

THE DOPEST PARTS OF JAY-Z's set: takin off his Yankee fitted to put on a Tigers joint..... and last, but never least, Hov shouting out BURN RUBBER twice. I was too hype. Backstage, i heard Jay talkin bout needin to get hip to BR......... very dope.

met the homie J. Cole. Why am I angry right here? LOL!



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  1. love the blog. Seen Jay also. It was the best you re-capped the concert exactly how I would.