Saturday, October 3, 2009


A film from Lawrence Lamont Jenkins (@LawrenceLamont) of StarWater Productions... everything about this short is amazing. Take some time today is check this out.

“Patzer” tells the story of Max, a college student who cannot seem to shake off a bad day. His bad day begins when he cannot find his contacts, and instead, must wear a pair of glasses he has owned since he was in the sixth grade. As the day progresses, it is apparent that his roommate Sam has all of the day’s luck. The story covers many themes including the theme of the game Chess. It is revealed that a child is picking the same moves, over and over, dooming Max to day of loss. “Patzer” will inspire its audiences to make new choices if the same ones are not working; after all, one cannot progress if the necessary changes are not made.

Patzer from StarWater on Vimeo.

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