Monday, October 19, 2009


My favorite post of the day. I love how Supreme did the collab with Miles Davis...even more so with this collab paying tribute to the icon John Coltrane. For those of you reading who don't know who Coltrane and/or haven't listened to any of his work, first off, I'm disappoitned in you. Second, go to your nearest CD spot and cop "Giant Steps" immediately. Coltrane's impact on jazz is phenomenal and many musicians of today still model their playing after Coltrane.


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  1. I sent this concept to supreme in September, only asking for a few tees in return.

    I haven't heard from them.

    But I'm glad they put out some Coltrane tees, just kinda cheesed that I'm just another fish to fry.

    Creative property is bullshit online these days, but no idea's original right?