Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5:03 AM

Still trying to figure out a way to truly articulate these thoughts I have at this time... bear with me.

Hustle Simmons whatupdoe homie!

the shit this guy Cudi said in the first part of Benny Blanco's remix of 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me" is some of the realest shit... I just became more of a fan off of just

It's hilarious how after an awards show my followers increase somethin ridiculous... shout-out to all my new followers by the way.

NBA season officially started.... I love it. Who's gonna stop the Lakers in the West though. Answer: nobody. The East is gonna be crazy though... if the Cavs don't win the 'ship, Bron Bron might have to shoot that move to the big apple...... psssh, yeah right. When I was kickin it with Bron in Cleveland, it was crazy to see how people in Cleveland give him his space. If he was hoopin anywhere else, it wouldn't work in my opinion. That and he would have to beef up his security crazy.

Miss my Burn Rubber fam... will see all y'all very soon.

There's a million numbers and bbm contacts in my phone, and still sometimes I feel like I have no one to call.

avoiding people is lame and shows a lack of confidence...matta fact, somebody remind me to go in on this topic for the next 5:03... I'm mad zombielike right now and don't anyone to confuse the point I'm trynna get across

The homie Zeno Jones called me over the weekend... told me some things that definitely motivated me to not slip up...thank you fam! i got you!

shout-out to Leaders1354 for the new fitteds... all love!

Fuck Halloween...that shit is for the birds...literally. Shout-out to all you girls dressing up like whores, trynna be fast without appearing fast, but showing your true feelings on the low... i'm just sayin.

Mike Posner's new mixtape "One Foot Out The Door" is re-damn-diculous!!! "Red Button" is the anthem right now... yes, I can relate...furreal.

I've never leaked a track in a 5:03....... until now that is, lol... some of y'all have heard Ro Spit's "I Do Me" but many haven't, soooooooooooooo, here you go:

Aight, I'm a midterm to study for. Yeah, that's why this is so lax... #KanyeShrug #MarvwonSmirk ...Fuck wishing me luck... Either I know this shit or I don't.

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