Saturday, October 17, 2009

5:03 AM

off a lil *stunt button*

LOL, anyways, I truly appreciate everybody that read my last 5:03, especially all that commented... the feedback means the world to me...y'all have no idea.... and yes, even those who subliminally aggy tweet about the last 5:03 as well lol.... yuuup, i see y'all.

"Eat good, drink good, smoke better, winter spring summer fall the hoes try to get us, self made n*ggas ain't nuttin you can't tell us, came up together so we stay down forever"

I'm through asking for advice and/or others' opinions from other people...unless you're fam. and I'm done givin you niggas the benefit of the doubt. Got swindled on so many levels these last couple of months I swear... that being the case through all that bullshit I still won... those who doubt shall see sooner than you think.

Today is Sweetest Day right? Well, I'm seeing too many single people complaining/sulking/bitchin/moanin about how they don't have a girl/guy to be with right now... that and other people saying something around the lines of some "fuck it, i'm glad I'm single" type shit. Well, rather than falling into the monotony of the two previous examples listed, what I will state about today is that even though I don't have a person to be with at the moment, I do know one that when the time truly presents itself, I'll be with the most beautiful woman in the world...true story. And even though there are moments when i wish that time would come sooner than later, I'm patient wit' it...

Where did Miri Ben-Ari go? she was talented as fuck & oh so spicy...the best combo ever.

Losing interest with some of y'all's a sha-ayyyy-ayyy-ame

Bumpin Miles Davis "Milestones" album right now... got me feelin right as I type this

I tweeted this shit yesterday, but I have to reiterate it: I CAN'T ROCK WITH YOU IF YOU SUPPORT THE HOME TEAM. Miss me with all that pump fakin shit. The grass is cut, and some of y'all lookin very snake-ish right now... #imjussayin

I think I'm in love with every girl that's been in Complex's Sweet Detail. they're all so dope!

Dear people on Twitter: STOP RETWEETING BULLSHIT OR SHIT THAT YOU CAN JUST @REPLY THE PERSON ABOUT... I don't give a fuck what the next yenta says. I see some of y'all retweet the most pointless ideas ever. shit has no relevance...tighten that shit up. #youlookfoolish

Renaissance State Of Mind > Empire State of Mind ...real shit

Some of you people never cease to amaze... like are you serious with that? It's all good though...can't help but laugh b/c it's one of the reasons why the scale that some of you operate on is so minimal...not trynna be an asshole...just being truthful. Pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

I'M.......GOING TO.........HAVE TO.......DO IT! Earlly Mac whatupdoe! that track is crazy!

I wanna kick it with Lykke Li...she seems cool as fuck.

Oh by the way, fuck all this homecoming stuff up at MSU... shit is for the fuckin birds... definily gon support the homie Slapz & my LEADERS fam that's up here partyin though... but that's it. The rest of y'all can take 2 of deez and call me in the morn.

Had to vent on this one real quick. For those who read this, thanks in advance...

Either love me or leave me alone.



  1. I was thinking the same thing about people retweeting stuff when they could just @reply. People are just retarded for no reason.

  2. Renaissance State Of Mind was cool, but not as good as the original. He did a dope job of showing what the city had (and this is from someone not even from Detroit, which is saying a lot lol), but he could've used his own style more instead of playing off of the way Jay's was made. That being said, it's still dope.

    "Eat good, drink good, smoke better, winter spring summer fall the hoes try to get us, self made n*ggas ain't nuttin you can't tell us, came up together so we stay down forever"
    ^^who's line is that?

  3. "You Mad?"

    Funny one this time. What up!

  4. there is no way that renaissance state of mind is better than empire state of mind, but i respect how detroit cats hold each other down...

    sort of like how i have to pull a martin "hoooollllddd up!" when cats talk about how marvwon banged aye-verb... aye-verb has BARS!

    AND miles davis is a monster! "blue in green" may be in my top 5 favorite songs off all fucking time! i have always believed that life would be a lot easier if i lived it with miles playin in the background at all times...

  5. "Either love me or leave me alone..."

    that line has been in my head for the last two weeks...the concept or basis of the quote is inspiration for some art that i'm making.

    Cliff, i'm a call you within the next week or so...hope all is well, bro..peace!!

  6. I appreciate you for posting that line from Stay Down forever...that sound gets me everytime...great blog my dude keep it up.