Monday, October 5, 2009

5:03 AM

I have a thousand things goin on in my head (one of the reasons I get little to no sleep each night), and I still think where the fuck do I begin?

I'm listening to "Fear" by Drake right now.... the homie says "It's why I do this shit. I think they call this umm.....venting." I think something around the lines of that everytime I'm about to do one of these. Drake says some real shit on that song too...give it a listen if you already haven't.

My sleep schedule has been fucked up since..........forever really. It's weird because I sort of cringe at the idea of sleep now...or sleeping when it's dark outside. I feel I'm losing time... bear with me.

I been feelin out of the loop up at State, no lie....well, not just up at State, but everywhere in general recently..... like I'll be out at events/parties/whatever the fuck you wanna call a bunch of people gettin together and chattin about jack shit, and i can't front, the whole mingling thing is cool...helps you stay relevant, but I'll feel as if I'm missing the joke or something... it's a shame but it happens. It's been allowing me to focus more on things that are most important to me... i.e. classes.

Fuck what you think, that kid Justin Bieber is dope to me...

Y'all ever had a song that made you cry? I peeped that it was a trending topic on twitter a while back. Well, songs like that for me have come few and far between... yet, jazz-wise, John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman's "They Say It's Wonderful" hit me one day how amazing that song is when you really listen to the words and Trane's melodic choices...yeah, that's that shit to me.

I hate my downs, but I need them, and they motivate me to do better. Last time I felt I was in the midst of one, I looked at the numbers on here and saw that I'm in no position to be bummed...and the drive intensifies.

Just watched JUNO for the first time... loved it.

Twitter have given many people the feeling of having a voice that's important...I'm following/was following people that just say the most stupid shit on twitter... or say shit that makes me wanna @reply them something around the lines of "NO ONE REALLY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THAT...IF THEY SAY THEY DO AND/OR RESPOND, THEY'RE JUST THANGIN", haha.

I appreciate (almost) everybody that hits me up on twitter...the communication I receive from it is lovely. However, some people on twitter are funny (the wack type of funny) to the ones that only hit me up with that bullshit: negative criticisms, questions that could be answered with self research, etc... or even the ones that I don't keep in contact with anymore that'll shoot me a little FYI/Cliff, you don't know what you're talkin about/diss on-the-low tweets like I don't know what the fuck is goin on... When I see them, I just laugh. Not to be condescending towards those people, but just as realization that I'm better than them, lol. damn................... contradictions right? lol, fuck it, life is a muthafucka contradiction anyways.

I love when I talk about a topic on twitter, then I see other people do the same...some try so hard not to put me in an @reply too, LOL! To whom it may concern, quit frontin...

I need more black Burn Rubber t-shirts.

Ooooh, just changed the music. to some Radiohead. This shit is putting me in a whole 'notha zone right now.

I could be upset and somewhat disappointed in a lot.....well, a few people right now, but I choose not to respond to it, or be petty, or childish, etc...matta fact, I can't, nor will I.

Real goonie shit, head wrapped with an AK real Sunni shit... OH LORD! Earl Mac whatupdoe.

Damn, why did the "Fame Kills" tour get cancelled?!?! I was hype for it, had some bread to get some good ass tickets, plus I was gonna have a dope date for it...*sigh* Whatup B, they can't shut up me, haha

Don't try to play me, me me... you shouldn't try and play me, me me...

I feel the pressure building up to excel exponentially in the next couple years.

My homie Rodney told me that you always need that one main girl on the team that'll hold you down...I definitely feel that... and know that I'm givin the world to whoever fills that void i swear.

Dear Michigan State, cut me a check, and maybe I'll support that school spirit bullshit.

It's ironic how this Kid Cudi album is sort of describing how i feel right

I just went outside...the color that's outside is definitely representing my mood right now. if you're reading this and the time I post this, go look outside...the sky has some sort of reddish glow to it, right?

For those of y'all that read this, I don't thank you all enough, especially you all that comment. thank you for allowing me take up your time with my internetblogsitelatenightearlymorning

maaaaaaaaaaan, fuck this shit...this is too much...I'ma try to sleep...



  1. What up Cliff! If you're out of the loop then I haven't even came close to the circle. Stay up my dude. It's all coming in full circle watch but don't wait.


  2. powerful bro.....cudi's music to me=understanding and makes me do alot of thinking..its the theme songs to my life rite now

  3. Real talk I listen to Drake's - Fear everytime I wake up and the Justin Bieber dude is dope

  4. But have you hear Fabolus - Never let it go

  5. that drake-fear track is my iHome alarm tune every morning. It has a crzy element that gets me ready 4 the bullshit the day will bring. But these 5:03's, real shit

  6. Dope shit, bro. And COM 325 was funny. Check yo text

  7. YAY!!! I like the 5:03 posts as well. It adds a personal touch to the blog, allowing people like me who would probably never meet you to get a sense of who you are and what goes on in that head. :-) Loves it Cliff!!!

  8. i think what makes this blog special/dope/(insert adjective here), is its personality. i've been to BR a few times and can say that the same vibe the homie gives in person manifests itself in a similar fashion on this site without being corny or emotonally fabricated. especially in the, 5:03's.
    i'm feeling you on the whole mingling/networking thing. i know its necessary to get out there but sometimes it seems so fake and superficial.
    and when you find that one stick to her. give her your all and put on the blinders to keep you distracted from all the other candy/poisin out there. nothing will side track you from success like an unhealthy preoccupation with the other sex. take it from me.

  9. Wow.......doper n doper! You should let me put these in the mag!