Sunday, September 6, 2009


My weekends start on Thursdays....some guys just win em all, lol. Anyways, the homies Nick P & CT from Finally Famous, and Marv threw a bangin party up in East Lansing...saw a lot of people I haven't seen all summer.

My buddy K. Lorraine

Kenny and Mo Beatz

this party was live...

the quintessential hood chicks doin hood poses behind a

Adubb my potna dem

Ms. Brittany's so fly... this was one of those "the pic looks like I'm kissin you on the cheek, but i'm no where near you" ..LOL!

Hey Trice!

the homie Vance...I swear that BR hat he's rockin is my favorite

BR x Eighty81 ...I swear we runnin thangs at MSU this year. I promise

Micdubb my potna dem

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