Friday, September 4, 2009


Last weekend and for most of the week, I was in Las Vegas with Rick & Ro for MAGIC, Capsule, and Project. This trip opened my eyes to the business and made me realize that I would love doing this in the future. Big thank you's go out to Rick & Ro for blessing me with the opportunity to go with them on this trip. I didn't take too many pics b/c I was focusing on the business. However, I do have a couple from when the fun was goin down...let's go.

First off, @dooski took me to dope, lol. But honestly, the dope stuff at Canes would definitely have to be the Bread, the Cane's sauce (II), and the lemonade

Lemonade....soooo good

Went to Fruition.... I loved it. The staff is dope, and they dress sooooo crazy

Stussy was dope as well...

The homie Frank The Butcher and Rick building

Stilts & DaFreakinDeezin ....look at his shirt....CLASSIC.

Meeting with Acapulco Gold... Major things coming soon...

6'5 Dance with so much seafood, lol

For those of you that don't know, 6'5 Dance knows in point: Flavor Flav

Met the homie Marcus Troy, who's definitely been an inspiration to me. He gave me some words of wisdom that I'll definitely be following throughout the years...thanks bro.

Dave Jeff from PHLI with the crispy chef piece

Wahid from Society...too fresh. I need those glasses from him asap.

and there you have it....catch y'all on the next one.

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