Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last Friday, I went up to Studo 4 in Ann Arbor to party with Stroke Streetwear as they threw a concert with Big Sean & Mike Posner...

First off was the in-store with Big Sean & Mike Posner up at Motivation. I was maaaaad late, but Sean and Posner were still there, so I still got a chance to kick it there...plus, it's Motivaton...anytime you're in Ann Arbor, you have to go there...

There was a line outside sooooo early.....dooope!!!


Whatup Mike

One thing that was really cool about the people up in Ann Arbor were how many of them vocalized their support for my blog. It was definitely motivating to see and hear the support. Shout-out to Tim, who I snapped a pic with (if I forgot/misspelled your name, MY BAD! lemme know if I did though). Shout-out to Dave as well, who was also in attendance for this concert.

The whole feel of the venue was dope...mad hot in there though... it's also dope to see more and more cats rockin and supportin Burn Rubber. All love to y'all

the homies G Wood, Jwan, and Micdubb

Big Sean came out... his set was dope! Crowd was definitely feelin' it

Then Posner stepped on stage to rock for the masses

Tone looks like he might've killed a man....or 17, lol

Whatupdoe Ro!

Sean and Mike closed out the set by doin "Who Knows", "Cooler Than Me", & "Smoke & Drive" ...I swear the crowd knew every word.

Shout-out to Mike From Stroke Streetwear for putting this whole event together

The homie Dante Digital

JayJohn the Don

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