Saturday, April 18, 2009


Aight, so Last Thursday was MAD ANTHONY, this concert on Wayne State's Campus with N*E*R*D, Big Sean & Mike Posner. Thanks to Trey Love from, I was able to be apart of this event...After Trey parked, we started walkin to the joint, and we see the homies from the BrothersFourWord

Got to the V.I.P. Lounge... Zeno, DJ Mo Beatz, P.L., and the homie from the Olympicks...big business

Chelcea conducting business

Marlo whatupdoe


Hanging with 1Oh!1

Fli Pelican in the building...Juan why you so sad bro?? LOL... Skighpelicans all around

Went back to the V.I.P. Lounge. Tone and Tommey Walker playin a game of Connect Four

Gumbo had about 17000 stage passes. He wouldn't just give me one, so I decided to challenge him to a game of Connect Four. I won, and got my pass...yessir.

Mike Posner and Evan

Posner jumped into the crowd...the people loved it

Sean killed it as well

Mad people

Pat Piff came out of nowhere...I didn't even know he was there until he grabbed me and said "Cliff What up!!!"

Pat's manager Jeron...been sending me music from Piff to put on my blog for a minute now... expect a Piff X Cliff project coming up fairly soon.

There goes Shay

P Double sighting

"Donald Trump"

My favs

I took some quality pics of N*E*R*D

Fam-Lay whatupdoe

That watch is ice cold


Whatup Ian

Mike Posner & some fans...Brains Up!

Adubb be rockin out low-key

Ye'gerbombs away

Dj Benzi

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