Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last Saturday was the "Worth The Wait" party that Finally Famous and the Affected Campaign put on...

Before the party, I kicked it with Rhena, her sister, Jackie, and her friend Julie...It was Rona's b-day weekend, so Rhena got this cake, which looks pretty cool. I'm kinda mad that I didn't get a piece though... :'(

When the first candle were lit, the smoke detector went off...fix that real quick, lol



b-day girl

So as the girls and I were walkin up to the club, this brotha walkin in before us recognized me from my blog. He let the people workin the door that I was A-OK. DOPE! Inside, he introduced himself to me as Mass. I chopped it up with him in his VIP section. Real cool guy...Mass what up.

Burn Rubber Sighting

hey lindsay

Cappy came through like whatupdoe...peep the Freshman denim.... eughck!

I was definitely surprised and the number of people in Canada that follow 'CLIFF NOTES'. A.J. and his friend let me know they read it on the daily....that's really what's up. I appreciate it!

Key what up!

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to take this time out from this recap to bring to you all the "SAY IT AIN'T TONE" PHOTOSHOOT. Watch out Tone, you gon poke her in the eye, lol

Dusty Mcfly and Tone

FF tat...dope

Tone be on some POW shit. and that's wraps the "SAY IT AIN'T TONE" PHOTOSHOOT. Thank you all for watching. Be sure to tune in next week.

Louis Vuitton Sean in the buildin

Sup Steve

Hey Ashley...Hey Britt!!! smh @ everybody being ready for the photo except me, lol

Ran back behind the booth while DJ Mo Beatz was spinning. People were comin up to the booth giving the most out-of-pocket requests ever. So me being a big guy and all, I had to be the muscle/bouncer for DJ Mo Beatz so he didn't have to hear that bullshit. LOL, anyways, this was my view from the booth...crazy...

While I was behind the DJ booth I saw this guy in the middle of the dance floor. I ran up and snapped a pic of him goin ham on the dance floor, lol

The songstress Kristen Nichole was in attendance

Kristen and Big Sean have a song coming out "in the future"©Kristen, so be on the lookout for that. SIDEBAR: Let me introduce you Mo Beatz a.k.a. THAT GUY ...LOL!!!!

Big shout-out to Brady Thrasher (left) and the whole Affected Campaign, which is very dope. You can learn more about the effected campaign by clicking here.

It was about 12:45 & Sean let me know that he was gonna perform a couple tracks at 1 or so. After meeting Brady, he and his homie in the Blue Jays fitted (above) took me upstairs to the other VIP section, which was a whole 'notha level of dopeness...here's the view...*Borat voice* it's nice.

I was up there by myself for a minute, then all of Finally Famous swarmed up there and Sean got ready to perform. this is when the party got real crazy.

Earl Mac got the block on lean...B Wash, I see you recordin the UKNOWBIGSEAN footage

Performance was very ill...

B. Randon and Sean

When you know the party is poppin: SOMEBODY'S WEAVE COMES OUT... that being noted...look what we found next to V.I.P.


El pointing at this travesty


Commissioned Artists were in the building

Shout-out to DJ Mo Beatz...OH BABY!


  1. Did the mixtape drop?

  2. What Up Cliffy I See You Partner!

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    i see u cliff!