Friday, February 13, 2009


Aight, So yesterday was crazy. First E-Huff and I....well, more like E-Huff and JYoung did a radio interview w/ Asher Roth. Asher Roth is mad cool and a great person to interview if you ever get the chance...

Dj Wreckineyez

After the interview, we went over the Auditorium and kicked with Asher and his crew backstage and during his soundcheck. His sound check was cool. He was working with a DJ and a drummer, which was very unique and definitely was the set up for a very doe performance. After the soundcheck, we just chilled backstage and chopped it up about everything. Asher's pretty good on his Michigan Hip-Hop knowledge too, on the low. Anyways, As they were going through his playlist, Asher told us that he was gonna rock a University of Michigan shirt on stage under his crewneck, burn it, and throw on a Michigan State shirt. Shit was mad funny. The crowd started booing the shit out of him when he was rocking the U of M shirt, and went crazy when he threw on the MSU joint...

Asher Roth's live performance was pretty dope...I was up front, snappin pics and takin video


Happy Bornday Bejin

Lupe's performance was ill...way better than the Detroit stop at the Glow In The Dark tour...sidebar: FUCK MSU AUDITORIUM SECURITY. me and the crew had media passes and the house management started buggin cuz we were lordin too hard on them...treated

So after the show, E-Huff and I are backstage after the show, and I start talking to Lupe's DJ. As I'm about to take a pic with him, Bishop G comes down, then Lupe. I start choppin it up with Bishop G, while Huff talks to Lupe, who is also very cool peoples

yeah, it was kinda warm in there, lol...

So let me explain to everybody the situation with the After Party. Thanks to my homie @ Universal (you know ho you are...WHATTUP!), we were able to do an event at the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKES) house, which is probably one of the biggest houses on campus. They told me that they were opening the doors to their house @ 10:30, and that to get in, you would need a wristband. I heard that they opened their doors @ 9, and after Asher announced that the after party was at PIKES, mad people rush over there. When I got there, at about 10:45-11:00, one of my friends that is a PIKE told me that some idiot pulled the fire alarm. so everybody was outside, while 5-0 checks all the fire alarms and smoke detectors. Then they let everybody into the house at once, which led to pandemonium. Luckily, all the PIKES were lookin out for me, and let me chill in one of the guest rooms while the craziness died down. I dropped my bags off and go mingle with everybody. That didn't last for long, b/c another incident occured, where somebody ripped a firehouse off of a firetruck that was parked outside. That shut down the party COMPLETELY. 10 minutes after the party shuts down, Asher comes through. So then I gotta scramble up another spot to chill. We head over to another house, which was aight....not dope as the PIKES, but it had to do. I was mad frustrated with the whole situation, so I was out of it. For anybody that was at the party and knew my mood, I apologize...hope I didn't ruin the fun...let's be real, I didn't at all...

BIG shout-out to the PIKES...we definitely gotta do another event soon....hopefully this time, it doesn't get shut down, lol...

Asher and I are growing these BEARDS....WORD!!!!


  1. The concert was ill. Nice post!

  2. lmao...Why does Lupe have a Frank's Red Hot hotsauce in his hand?? lmao!