Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The high-end fashion prints and colors always seem to inspire many other lines. The Damier print from Louis Vuitton is next up, inspiring many companies to use that print for many pieces. Shoe laces are the next item using Damier. Starks Laces has taken a stab the popular LV print on laces. I like them. They'll definitely take your kicks to another level...



  1. I was hella about to post these joints; I started to think about how people will probably start rocking laces hard. (expressing themselves in every [all] aspect). Can't wait to see what else Stark's laces has u[ their sleeves.

  2. i'm really liking these...will look very clean on a lot shoes that have a simple silhouette...i like how starks is making laces a way to possibly show off or make a statement in the same way that some people use jewelry...a few people will dislike these,though, cuz they're kind of taking away from the LV name..Thanks for the post Cliff!!