Friday, December 19, 2008


^^sidebar: by far the corniest pic ever, lol

Anyways, This goes out to the high schoolers and college students back home in the Detroit area. I know many of y'all are shoveling snow right now, and it's pretty wack. I woke up at 6AM gettin ready to do it and my mom called somebody that would do it for $10 (Keyes What up!). So I'ma be in the crib for a lil bit. However, for those of you that don't have anything planned, be sure to come sure to BURN RUBBER, ESPECIALLY all you high school cats that woke up and saw that your school was cancelled today. it's never too cold to get fly...yezzur

sidebar: I know I knoe, been slacking hard on posts, just haven't been on the comp much throughout this holiday. Shout-out to some of y'all that have been upping the posting (i.e. my homie Will and SpeechIsMyHammer ...all I have to say is you're welcome, lol)

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